Our Outlook

After a trip to the Moon & Venus, what will you bring back?

Fully certified with quality in mind. Sold online and at local New York craft fairs, festivals, charities and more.

Our outlook is stellar on our creations:
For half of the Gregorian Calender that we use in the U.S.A.

President Barack Obama looks at the Moon and Venus Credit: White House photographer Pete Souza April 24, 2012

one star is visible at sunrise…but is it a star? In fact, this is Venus! Long regarded as a star but is a planet. We see it at dawn and through early night. The Earth’s only Moon “Luna” is often accompanied by Venus in our splendid view of the dark skies.

Our solar system is like a woman’s vanity; Lit by the Sun, the Yellow planet Venus is a jewel, and the Moon is a mirror for Earth. The most artistic cultures in our world revere these celestial bodies as divine.The crescent Moon & “star” abound on flags, accessories and clothing. symbolgallery

We have been gazing into our Moon-mirror with awe, decorating ourselves to glitter like the heavens. Designs of animals, plants and geometric shapes abound in the jewelry of all of our global cultures. I pick the themes I find most beautiful and begin to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

The Moon & Venus offers a selection of chain jewelry, woven suede, mixed media. I make with the customer in mind, first. Everything is culturally inspired. We make every single piece here in the shop and strive to keep only plated alum, antique or vintage metal, but never plastic! Creating for you a strong link in the chain.

K. Lennert

me“TheMoon&Venus©”, “the Moon and Venus©” and/or “Moon&Venus©” or other variations owned by Kayla Lennert, All rights reserved. Est. March 17, 2014

© Copyright 2014

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